TWORK. Project research

Repeat with me:
You must work with enthusiasm,
you must give it all at all times,
repeat with me!

Twork is a research project around how the implementation of productivity paradigms works on the human and no-human bodys in the agrilogistic era. Concepts like overwork and fallow (in spanish "sobrelaboreo" and “barbecho”) are referring to different states of the farmlands. But they can be useful to think about all the things immersed in the contemporary economy system, art practices included. In this research I use dance dynamics to explore the ability of movement to speculate on other possible global muscle memories. If dance can be a good tool to be others, maybe can be useful to be and feel like fields.

2022. Visuals Arts Creation Schoolarship supported by Oficina de Suport a la Iniciativa Cultural. Departament de Cultura. Generalitat de Catalunya.
2022. SAC_FiC Residency program at Fabra i Coats. Supported by Sant Andreu Contemporani, Barcelona.
2020. Research and experimentation Award supported by La Escocesa.

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