Un projecte de Fer cosa fora
Direcció d'art i fotografia i video: Laura Fernández Antolín.
Conceptualització: Laura Fernández Antolín
i Joana Capella Buendia.
Assistance: Laura Puigdellivol i Oriol Ocaña.
Video assistance: Oscar Boix.
Model: Irene Royo.
A pleated skirt that opens and intuits the action to expand

The parameters of space and time become meaningless to make way a set, a whole chaos.
My flesh and the skirt, who cares where I am and where’s she, what matters is now

Folding a skirt to my body. A body which is in continuous movement and relates to its environment, “the essence of our living together lies in what is beyond our flesh, our frames of interaction are pregnant data, places, artifacts, symbols, people absent but present symbolically … “(F. M. Tirado and Domenech).
My body, everyday get dressed and dress at the same time, but what defines the act of covering my body with garments may be its complexity or sophistication, but the fact is that it’s the ongoing effort to reduce it to facilitate its repetition. Habits are what defines us as human-being, it keeps us within the controllable subjects, the visible.
I do my ritual of get dressed because it is my flesh, and those objects that surround me are myself too. I build myself full of wires running through the air I breathe, ‘It is so wearisome. First you put on your shirt, then your trousers; you drag yourself into bed at night and in the morning drag yourself out again; and always you put one foot in front of the other. There is little hope that it will ever change. Millions have always done it like that and millions more will do so after us. Moreover, since we’re made up of two halves which both do the same thing, everything’s done twice. It’s all very boring and very, very sad“(Deleuze).
A pleated skirt
Featured on Issue 3 of Terra Firma Magazine
Gener, 2016
Disseny Gràfic